As a 3-year-old, I published my first newspaper, the "Roll News", on my mother's typewriter. At 15, I picked up a camera and started shooting for my high school and local newspapers. Today, I'm a photojournalist based in Seattle. 

Between my youth and now, I've worked at a number of newspapers and shot stories for many more. I've won awards, created magazine covers and even gotten to see my byline in The New York Times.

More importantly than any of that, I've been honored to document the communities I've been a part of. I've seen the best and worst days of people's lives play out in front of my lens. I've met characters that everyone knows and many, many people with stories that everyone should know.

I'm also a baseball and soccer fan, an occasional musician, a cut-rate endurance athlete, and an avid reader of biographies and history.

The story I'm most excited about is my next one. I'm available for assignment worldwide.


National Press Photographers Association Monthly Clip Contest

  • Third place, Sports Action (Northwest Region) - March 2018

National Newspaper Association Better Newspaper Contest

  • First place, Best Breaking News Photo; First place, Best Photo Essay; Second place, Best Sports Photo; Third place, Best Feature Photo - 2018
  • Second place, Best Sports Photo, 2017

Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association Better Newspaper Contest

  • Second place, Best News Photo; Second place, Best Feature Photo - 2018
  • First place, Best Sports Photo;First place, Best News Photo - 2017
  • First place, Best Feature Photo - 2016
  • Second place, Best Sports Photo - 2014


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